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Macintosh Users East (MaUsE) is a user-friendly, not for profit computer club located in beautiful Durham, Ontario, Canada. Its purpose is to bring together people of all ages who use or who are interested in Apple Inc’s products in order that they may freely share with each other information concerning Apple’s hardware and software and also other manufacturers’ related products, programmes and services. MaUsE freely welcomes visitors to this, our website and to our members’ meetings. When visiting our website please be sure to check out DoubleClick, the club’s newsletter – there’s lots of useful information therein.  Please enjoy our site and our meetings.

Oct Meeting

The next MaUsE meeting will be
WEDNESDAY Oct 26, 2016
at Whitby Public Library
on Dundas Street West, Whitby
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Agenda Highlights:
* Club Business – Ian
* Election Notice – Stan
* Treasurer/Membership Report – Ken
* Apple News – Brian
* Tip of the Month – Michael . . . VPN using the Opera browser
* Mac 101 – Michael . . . Internet Sharing using your computer
* Did You Know – Chris . . . Using text to speech with an iPad
. . . Sharing Knowledge
* Q & A – Marcel. . .
º Raffle – Michael
If you missed the last meeting and wish to see what went on then go

October DoubleClick is here!

Topics included this month are:

A85 external drive
Disk Inventory X for storage optimization
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
How to enable Internet Sharing
Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues
Kronville: Stolen Dreams
ClamXav anti-virus software
Take Control of Audio Hijack
… and much more!

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